I want to thank the Lord for giving me the ability to look at ordinary things to bring forth thought provoking inspirational messages that we all can mature and learn from; If it was not for His Spirit flowing through me you would not be reading my books. It is my prayer that you too would listen to what He is telling you. I am compiling all of my writings into a book. I am not sure of the title. I have two others books title, “You will always have snakes in your head, He Still Speaks, Now Listen, a compilation of Parables and this blog”. My new book has a few stand alone chapters such as, you need a deliverer, you are acting white, and I know how you feel. May God touch you in the needed area of your life, and that you would yield that part to him for him to help you. May you continue on His path knowing that He is watching and observing your ways. He cannot help you until you call upon Him. 

I hope one of these chapters would open your eyes, minds, ears and inspire you to seek Him for the answers that you need.

Here are the ones that I have typed.  I have thirty more to add.

1.    A flight toward accession  2.    A decisions of Maturity   3.    A new flow  4.    A needle in  the haystack  5.    Black and proud  6.    Black and white  7.    Choose who you should serve  8.    Crying  9.     Discrimination  10.  Do you love God  11.  Eye examination  12. He loves me in the morning  13.  I am representing  14. I am not sure  15.  I am sorry  16.  I cannot hurt you  17.  I did not like what you did to me  18.  I know how you feel book  19. I know how you  feel poem  20.  I know how you feel  a deep  version  21.  I know how you feel  22.  I live with my decision  23.  I was inspired to write  24. Am Crying  25. In the pain of love  26.  Is justice expressing herself  27. Love  28. Married  29. My evil twin  30.  Pecking  31. Peel your own onion  32. Planting the seeds of sin  33. Playing he race card  34. The American people want  35.  The church remains silent  36. The tears of a black male  37. Time to heal  38. True love  39. Underwear  40. What is life  41. What would you do  42.  When is your tomorrow  43. Which foot you are standing on  44.  Who has authority in a marriage  45.  Who is the majority  46.  Who are you following  47. Representing  48.  Spiritual  truth  49. The truth  50.  I am hunger are you  51.  We need to  change 52.  The hurricane is here  53.  Do it for the children  54.  Are you  really following  55.  I love you  56.  Undercover brother  57.  Are you really following the Lord  58.  I am a slave  59.  Slave Master  60. Slave dealer  61.  Slave player   62. We all are slaves  63.  It is not my fault64.  When bad things happen  65.  Nothing  66. Tired of feeling the abuse  67.  Who decides what is wrong and right  68.  Babysit my children  69. I must deny myself  70. Cremation love

You can email me at todanow@writeme.com. if you have any questions or want to talk about any of the above. I can make available to you any of the above for a fee.